Welcome to TableToken Crowdsale

First of its kind, Tabletoken (ENS) is an ERC777 token,

which is an advanced standard for fungible tokens,

enabling new use cases and building on past learning's,

Backwards compatible with ERC20

Token Price: 1 ETH = 570 ENS

Max Supply: 1,000,000

Please Check Your MetaMask Connection First

My address:

My ETH balance: ETH

TableToken Crowdsale Contract Address: 0xc5c2D447d604bABC70565e5b641ec316776315b2,

Enter ETH


Self-Custody Wallets Only (MEW, TrustWallet etc), Do Not send directly from an Exchange.

TOKEN Buying Guide

For Metamask users

1: Click on Your MetaMask Extension and connect your MetaMask wallet with this web page and refresh the page.

2: Enter an amount of ETH you want to invest, then click “BUY ENS” Tab and confirm on MetaMask.

For Trust Wallet & MEW wallet users

1: Send ETH to the TableToken Crowdsale contract address “0xc5c2D447d604bABC70565e5b641ec316776315b2” from non-custody wallet (MEW, Trust wallet, Metamask). Do not send from an exchange)

2: After you send ETH to the TableToken contract, the contract will automatically send tokens back to your address.

3: Add the TableToken (ENS) contract address "0xdf78857ac92d9cae76725ff6c22185e346107f67" to your wallet to show tokens in your wallet.

* Buy at your own risk.